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Rochelle Paulin

Head of Property Management

Rochelle believes that Property management is more than just a business, it’s about community.

Rochelle is a valued asset to the property management team as she has a strong background in dealing with property and tenants. Originally from New Zealand, Rochelle led a successful career in the New Zealand Government Social Housing Sector; a career that saw her continue her pursuits in property management once she landed on Australian soil.

Rochelle’s specialty is people. With experience in working in such a diverse environment, and interacting with people of all demographics, Rochelle’s communication skills are truly second-to-none. She is a savvy negotiator who specialises in risk reduction; skills that have been proven valuable to all her investor clients.

In as much as Rochelle strives for the best value and outcomes for landlords, she truly understands that they can only be achieved by maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with tenants. Drawing on experience from her background, Rochelle can quickly build positive rapport with clients and prioritises maintaining that. She is a solution-focussed agent and believes that being approachable and available is the key to successful relationships with tenants, and great outcomes for investors.

Rochelle believes in living well in a home. This is a belief that she encourages those around her, including her tenants, to adopt. When it comes to investing in property, Rochelle believes, that property management is not just about managing investments, its about building communities.

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